PHAKAMANI: Death should be ashamed of this: RIP

PHAKAMANI: Death should be ashamed of this: RIP

PHAKAMANI: Death should be ashamed of this: RIP 1
Phakamani Mbhele

Whether it happens naturally or intentionally, death should be ashamed of the pain and sorrow it leaves behind when someone passes away. A heartbreaking update was given regarding the tragic passing of Phakamani Mbhele, who was known by many as Mario.

PHAKAMANI: Death should be ashamed of this: RIP 2

In accordance with the report, the deceased Phakamani died after allegedly committing suicide. He was the late Quiteria Ateklier’s ex-fiance. The death of Phakamani came some weeks after the passing of Quiteria, which took place on the 17th of April 2022. In accordance with the report, Phakamani died at his home in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It was alleged that before Quiteria died, he and Phakamani were planning to get back together.

The late Quiteria

It is devastating to note how young people resort to taking away their lives as a result of the many challenges that they face every day. Phakamani is not the first one to take away his own life, especially in South Africa. The trend of people committing suicide is growing rapidly in South Africa and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It is hard as well to figure out what a person may be planning or what he/she may be thinking.

Therefore, it is helpful to reach out to someone when you are going through some challenges. There is always one person who feels secure enough to open up regarding some challenges. Therefore, if you have issues, do not bottle them up. Life may be challenging, but opening up does not make one a failure or weak.

Men in most cases choose not to share their challenges with others. That is the biggest mistake one can ever make because whether one is a man or woman, they are all human beings who need to be listened to at one point.

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