Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki Mazwai settle their ‘beef’

Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki Mazwai settle their ‘beef’

Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki Mazwai traded shade on social media two months ago.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Thusi and Instagram/Ntsiki Mazwai
Two months after trading shade on social media, Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki Mazwai have called a truce, giving each other props and supportive messages.

The “beef” reached a peak in May when Pearl laughed off Ntsiki’s alleged accusation that she is “obnoxious” and tweeted a thread about how the poet could use some “love” to teach her how to spread it to others.

Ntsiki trended for more than 20 hours following the thread and later took to social media to dub the whole thing “pathetic”, before starting a fresh debate on “yellow bone privilege”.

So fans were surprised on Wednesday when Pearl used her platform on Behind the Story to give a shout-out to Ntsiki for supporting musician Cici in her assault case against her former partner, Arthur Mafokate.

Ntsiki heard about the compliment and, taking to Twitter, sent props to Pearl for her decision to not engage with critics and make some changes on social media.

She also revealed that she had unblocked the star.

She then turned her attention to those who had “pitted” the pair against each other, telling them to stop

“You have been pitting me up against my industry little sisters for way too long. You use my tweets mischievously and create a trail of distraction for me. Stop,” she wrote.