Patrick Shai’s Wife Reveals What Caused His Death

Patrick Shai’s Wife Reveals What Caused His Death

Patrick Shai's Wife Reveals What Caused His Death 1Many people believed that Patricia his death was caused by the incidents that happened between him and cassper nyovest.

However, this might be slightly different according to the information that his wife has provided. It is alleged that he had been struggling for quite a while with some of the work that he witnessed while volunteering.

The word 30 volunteers included gender-based violence. Which he was an activist for. This is after he himself was a recovering perpetrator of abuse.

It is at least that the different cases that he witnessed could have potentially triggered him from the past.

At his funeral, his wife did he did not also insert or ever he was a very genuine human being. She also said that before any individual decided to charge him for his actions that they should do some self-introspection. His children were also present at the funeral.


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