Our Congratulation! Refilwe Modiselle wins best actress award

Our Congratulation! Refilwe Modiselle wins best actress award

South African model and TV character Refilwe Modiselle has won a respect for her driving occupation in the all inclusive short film, White Gold. The performer was conceded the Best Actress Award at the African Film Festival held in Texas.


White Gold relates to the story of the dreadful events of an African woman getting her arm hacked considering the misinterpretations around the innate issue.

The film was shoot in Walkerville, South of Joburg, the film was awakened by a certifiable event that happened in Tanzania, East Africa.

White Gold had gotten four assignments at the festival and took two home Best Actress and Best Short Narrative.

Tending to IOL about her enormous activity, the model said; “I in like manner expected to challenge myself since nobody had believed me to be that space as an on-screen character.

“I expected to strip down absolutely, I’ve for the most part been seen as a ‘doll, or model’. This activity, it expected me to take everything off. I expected to revealed all.”