OPW presenter Kayise Ngqula is deeply thankful for the special people in my life who support me

OPW presenter Kayise Ngqula is deeply thankful for the special people in my life who support me

Past Our Perfect Wedding arbitrator and on-screen character Kayise Ngqula has eventually considered the pain of losing her better half Farai Sibanda a year earlier.

The pair were related with a terrible minor collision which left them both hospitalized.

Kayise Ngqula

Kayise tended to the days following her better half’s downfall in a scene on her new YouTube channel After Dark with Kayise and expressing profound gratitude to her family for the love and reinforce they demonstrated her during the inconvenient events.

“My mother, you could see she was taking a strain disapproving of me and my little eight-month-old youngster. She did it with such ease, duty and love. I moaned my eyes out when she looked at me and expressed, ‘I wish I could expel your distress’.

Kayise Ngqula

Kayise said that her mother helped bolster her back to full prosperity after the disaster, since she couldn’t walk, shower myself or drive.

“Exactly when we came back from the remembrance administration I accept is where I genuinely felt the love and support from my family, sidekicks and irrefutably of SA. I likely would have never made it without my family”.

She was surprised at how the family never got depleted or got exhausted. She strikingly said they are the clarification she is standing today and she regards their veneration and sponsorship.

Kayise Ngqula

Chatting on an earlier scene, Kayise related the subsequent she recuperated insight after the accident, and how her better half combat to stay alive.

“There was mayhem, the experts, paramedics and any person who ought to have been there to deal with us, it was then that I asked, ‘Where are we and what’s happened?’ I was then taught by the pros we’d been in a car collision and that we were very hurt.

“Regardless, I looked on my correct side, my significant other was insane, avoiding any person who reached him … he might not want to be reached and dealt with, he kept yelling my name … I by then uncovered to him we will be OK.

She expressed, by then, she couldn’t fathom why he couldn’t wake up. “I asked him and begged him to wake up … I expected to hear him talk.

Two months after the accident, Kayise shared an eager video on Instagram of the couple getting hitched at their standard wedding, and promised to ensure their love.