Ntsiki Mazwai: Proverb has NOTHING on pro

Ntsiki Mazwai: Proverb has NOTHING on pro

Flawed craftsman Ntsiki Mazwai took jabs at Proverb ensuring that he is no better than the late ProKid with respect to rapping and who takes the crown. Her settling the conversation could have been done in a dynamically keen manner, in any case Ntsiki hurled insults at Proverb saying ‘he doesn’t speak to anything.’

“Maxim has NOTHING on star. Rapping in English reliably invigorates shallow characters. You’re evidently not excessively significant dear. Saying doesn’t speak to anything,” she battled.

The craftsman was adulating Prokid energetically thinking of him as the best rapper the country has ever watched. She moreover continues to recall about how close they were where he was so far alive. Ntiski reliably shields ProKid from the people who don’t believe him to be the best.

“Linda was gifted… there is no rapper in SA on that level expressively and stage proximity… pls ignore Prokid. He was a the best we have EVER watched,” she said amazing.

Statute responded to the shade and by the way he responded there are no concerns.

“No comments, wish all incorporated the best. God Bless,” he responded.