Need more money: Fundiswa Zwane fired from her role as Madonsela in eTV drama, Imbewu: The Seed. 

Need more money: Fundiswa Zwane fired from her role as Madonsela in eTV drama, Imbewu: The Seed.

Entertainer Fundiswa Zwane has supposedly been given up from her job as Madonsela in eTV show, Imbewu: The Seed. The on-screen character, as per a report by Isolezwe was purportedly given up after her chief mentioned a boost in compensation for the entertainer. Fundiswa’s exit is said to have come as a shock to her as she was ignorant of her exit. She will be purportedly supplanted by Brenda Mhlongo.

A source told the distribution asserts that Brenda was told by others that she was done dealing with the dramatization and that Brenda would supplant her as she was from work.

She was supposed to be astounded as he was as yet resolved to continue acting yet needed more cash. Cash matters are an issue in this game as Tony has left since he was not happy with his compensation. Siyabonga Thwala had just begun the narrative of being a piece of the game yet that was not generally the situation for the cash, “said a source. Brenda has just begun recording and will show up on screens soon.

A year back the show was hit with claims that staff had their pay rates decreased to in any event half of what they were gaining at first. Sunday Sun announced that the makers of Imbewu: TheSeed have chosen to diminish their staff’s compensations thus they accepted that they are procuring “to an extreme”.

From instagram: she is talented actress


She wept
For all the places in her that have been broken and rebirthed, over an over.


In the beginning of my acting journey I used to loath crying scenes because that’s how I saw it… A scene that requires the manufacturing of tears, which I have a limited supply of so I used to be quite frustrated and anxious

As I grew as an Artist I also grew in understanding, the Work requires one to feel the full volume of the PAIN of the character… That’s all. When you are honest with that, the tears are a by-product.

Playing KaMadonsela has taken me on a roller coaster of learning about emotional depth.