Nandi Madida’s tempting “Power” Photo is firing Twitter

Nandi Madida’s tempting “Power” Photo is firing Twitter


Nandi Madida has consistently indicated love for Africa through her garments, themed photoshoots and morals which is the thing that we surmise she was advancing in this photograph yet brought about an epic come up short as per Twitter.

Madida posted an image via web-based networking media of herself giving her African activism proactivity by making the ‘Amandla’ clench hand noticeable all around with her back toward the camera.

She even subtitled the picture and posted follow up tweets, stressing what the image ought to represent.

“For whatever length of time that my kin discover harmony in realizing that bigotry isn’t OUR illness,not OUR psychological burden..and as much as they may consistently attempt to upset our’s them who need to look for help to correct their psychological frame.Its time they survey their psychological frame&state of brain” she composed.

Dark Twitter has now brought up that rather than what the image was at first expected to depict which we are speculating is her affection for Africa, the image runs over a little thirst trappy due to her butt in those tight cowhide pants removing all the consideration from everything else

Here are a portion of the responses from the tweeps on twitter:
Here are a bit of the reactions from the tweeps on twitter:


SOURCE : Twitter / Instagram /news365