Mzansi Magic: Siyanda & Kagiso’s Wedding didn’t end well

Mzansi Magic: Siyanda & Kagiso’s Wedding didn’t end well

Everybody’s eyes were adhered to Mzansi Magic’s respect winning Telenova The Queen this past Friday evening as it was Kagiso, Loyiso MacDonald, and Siyanda, Cindy Mahlangu’ anxiously anticipated white-wedding.

Regardless of the way that not the ideal wedding as it was rushed and the primary concern keeping the couple together was a kid who was no longer there. It was at the same time empowering, taking everything into account, we love a wedding.

After bombarded attempts to get Kagiso to set down with her so she can fall pregnant again, Siyanda’s dream day finally came.

She believed that things would improve after her nearest partner Schumacher gave her a mixture that could help with getting Kagiso to set down with her, under a particularly demanding request notwithstanding. She expected to simply pour one-dab in his refreshment, very little and specifically nothing more.

As the hour experienced abrupt tension and started drinking to encourage the nerves. Siyanda offered him a drink anyway wrongly pored considerably more than the proposed portion from Schumacher.

This took the real thing out as he could hardly keep his eyes open when the opportunity had arrived to express their guarantees. Dingane and Brutus expected to hold him so he doesn’t fall.

The Bride couldn’t take whatever else of the embarrassment and ran back to her room ensuing to being diminished to tears. Furthermore, precisely when things couldn’t fall apart for her Kagiso’s ex Goodness walks around and pulls the trigger on her.