Moshe Ndiki -over ‘kissing commentary’-has the internet upside down

Moshe Ndiki -over ‘kissing commentary’-has the internet upside down

TV host Moshe Ndiki once again had fans in stitches when a video clip of him commenting on a kiss went viral on social media.

The kiss, from a recent episode of Uyang’thanda Na, surfaced again on Sunday when it was shared by one Twitter user.

In the clip Moshe can be heard getting more excited than a kid on Christmas and even using sound effects.

Fans were even more defeated by the bachelor saying his crush tasted as good as she looked.

Soon Moshe and the clip were trending on Twitter as fans weighed in on the kiss and the host’s reaction.

Some claimed it traumatised them, while others said they were lining up for tips from the bachelor on how to win over a lady.

Soon TLs were filled with memes and messages about it.

Here are some of our favs:

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