Meet the late Deborah Fraser’s son

Meet the late Deborah Fraser’s son

Meet the late Deborah Fraser's son 1

In a statement, the family of gospel singer Deborah Fraser confirmed her passing on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

She was sick and had to use a wheelchair due to recent health complications.

She was hopeful that she would get better and be back on stage doing what she loves: healing people through music. Deborah Fraser was one of the best musicians in South Africa. Her death came as a shock to many South Africans. She will also be remembered by many.

Meet the late Deborah Fraser's son 2

Who could have ever thought that this young, talented songbird is married to the son of the legendary Mam’Deborah Fraser? Many of you didn’t know about this, as there were people who knew she was married but they had no picture or any idea of who really is her husband. Well, Nomcebo is married to Selwyn Fraser, with whom they share two beautiful kids together. The firstborn is Ziyanda. We are not sure if Selwyn Fraser is the only child. Since the gospel legend was someone who didn’t share so much on social media, share your own opinion on this post. Don’t forget to like and comment on this article.

Meet the late Deborah Fraser's son 3


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