May she Rest In Peace : Here is what happened

May she Rest In Peace : Here is what happened

May she Rest In Peace : Here is what happened 1

What is really occurring in our country right now is obscure. Every morning, we face awful demise or breaking misfortune; this is our ordinary custom. As a country, we expected 2022 to be one more great year in the vein of 2021, yet we are now in the third month and a few lives have been lost, also serious damage to media outlets and the existence of little youngsters. Dread has assumed control over our lives, and we are continuously addressing, “Imagine a scenario in which I am the following?” Children and ladies are abducted and killed consistently for various reasons. What has happened to South Africa’s vote-based system?

In the relatively recent past, we were totally frightened by the self-destruction of a sixteen-year-old young lady who left a note saying that she had sufficient agony because of her mom leaving her when she was a child and moving in with her dad. What’s more, I’ve seen a ton of stories this year, so that was perhaps the most incredibly horrendous one. The young face various challenges and sufferings. To be sure, the issue isn’t despairing in any way, however murder. Kindly go along with me in appealing to God for our youngsters.

Exactly when we thought we’d seen everything, Mzanzi was shaken by the fresh insight about one more appalling passing close to home. Sedaka Lekhobo, 14, was found perished during a hunt in the Vryburg graveyard in the territory’s northwestern area. She was killed. Indeed, even the Department of Education is arguing for equity in her demise. Following this, her beau transferred a video to Tik Tok uncovering what she shared with him right away before she was killed. On Facebook, he distributed a video of their old photographs and talked with the inscription “find happiness in the hereafter, darling.” When examined regarding what occurred, he answered that she was killed not long after they met and that she had communicated her adoration for him. Consider the video beneath:


May she Rest In Peace : Here is what happened 2

May she Rest In Peace : Here is what happened 3

This is a horrendous situation. As of now, we can picture the wretchedness she and her accomplice should insight. People are sending sympathy notes to the sweetheart’s family members and companions. Sidika’s case should be indicted. The crooks should be caught and indicted

The nullification of capital punishment was one of our legal framework’s mistakes, and it ought not to be rehashed. Investigate you at the present time and you’ll see that wrongdoing is at an unequaled high. Indeed, even while detained, lawbreakers are very much aware that they will be delivered no matter what their exercises and they keep an agreeable way of life in spite of their imprisonment. May this little youngster’s spirit track down timeless rest. May God award her loved ones the mettle they need to get past this trying time in their lives.


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