Matshidiso in trouble as an old face returns-Muvhango

Matshidiso in trouble as an old face returns-Muvhango

Devilish conniver Matshidiso (Buhle Samuels) has been alert for quite a long time when she’s around her sweetheart KK (Macdonald Tshifhiwa Ndou).

The representative’s state of mind can change without a moment’s notice and he isn’t the sort of individual you play with, all the more so when you’ve sold out him like Matshidiso. In any case, this fortnight, there’s another person to give Matshidiso restless evenings: Dr Kutlwano (Lehasa Moloi). The pair finished 2019 as “colleagues”, utilizing Kutlwano’s clinical information to harm KK and stunt him into giving up his fortune to Matshidiso in the conviction that he was biting the dust. “In any case, Kutlwano got fixated on her and before escaping Thathe, he attempted to shoot Matshidiso,” says Lehasa, who guarantees that his character is a changed man.


Kutlwano sneaks once more into town, ensuring that Matshidiso isn’t made aware of his quality as he doesn’t know where their fellowship stands. Rather, he moves into a nearby casual settlement with his new bestie Pinkie (Hloni Padi, Kea in sitcom Single Galz, 2014-2018), who discloses to him that he should effectively utilize his recuperating abilities in the helpless network. “She recommends a facility as the clinic is far away,” says Lehasa. “That would be illicit, however Kutlwano is a healer and his motivation is helping individuals.” Pinkie gives him her full help, while Hloni jokes this is on the grounds that she needs to be celebrated in the network. “Kutlwano is a specialist and Pinkie is somewhat of a diva. Pinkie remains in the settlement, yet she thinks ambitiously. She feels that ‘rich specialist’ Kutlwano can give her fantasies.”


In a snapshot of self reflection, the specialist reveals to Pinkie that he is a needed man and he clarifies the KK plot. He additionally reveals to Pinkie that Matshidiso paid him R5 million to leave and never talk about their arrangement. Afterward and absolutely by some coincidence, Kutlwano and Matshidiso catch one another. While he is all grins, the expression all over is dread. “Matshidiso fears that he has returned to let the cat out of the bag and reveal to KK what they did,” clarifies Lehasa. It’s definitely not that, includes the entertainer. “When Kutlwano sees Matshidiso, his old emotions return surging and he’s overpowered with fixation for ‘ the person who escaped’.” Pinkie sees the adjustment in his conduct and when her tempting charms don’t work, she understands that to keep her affection intrigue, Matshidiso must go. On account of Kutlwano’s admission meeting, she has the ammunition to do only that. On the off chance that she can demonstrate everything to KK, that is…

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