Man shot and killed burglar outside his home but ‘what he did after made matters even worse

Man shot and killed burglar outside his home but ‘what he did after made matters even worse

Man shot and killed burglar outside his home but ‘what he did after made matters even worse 1

The 72-year-old man, later identified as James, was apprehended and charged with murder after fatally shooting a burglar outside his home, according to the authorities.

The home’s owner also told detectives that when he was resting inside his home around five in the morning, he was startled awake by weird noises outside. The man, who was peering out a window, allegedly saw a man attempting to break into his storage shed with a pickaxe, according to police documents. Hearing the commotion and seeing someone who appeared to be breaking into his shed, he armed himself with a handgun and went outside.

In answer to inquiries from authorities, the 72-year-old man reportedly stated “that he went back to bed before calling 911.” Following his arrest in connection with the event, James was held in the county prison under a $150,000 bond, according to the statement. Before shouting at the man and asking him to cease what he was doing, James allegedly chambered a round before heading outside and threatening to shoot him if he got any closer. After the burglar allegedly disregarded James’ warnings and approached him with the pickaxe, James fired a shot. The man put down his pickaxe and sprinted toward the solitary shot. As he ran away into a nearby park, James allegedly fired another shot, this time “into the night.” He claimed to have fired at the man, albeit he wasn’t certain if he had connected. He told the authorities that rather than finding out, he went back to bed.

After a few hours, James went outdoors and saw a black bag in the park. When he turned to look at the bag more intently, he discovered that inside was a person who was lying face down on the ground. Two hours after the shooting, police were sent to James’ house in response to a 911 call reporting a home invasion. The cops found the suspect’s body lying face down in a park behind his home. The responding team deduced that the suspect had been deceased for some time when they noticed that the blood on the body was dry. According to James’ statement, the danger of serious physical harm against him ended when the complainant put down the pickaxe and fled, according to the police affidavit. James was then arrested and given a murder charge. The affidavit states that before James’ husband called 911 to report the incident, James’ wife contacted a lawyer.

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