Makhadzi’s confession leaves Mzansi in shock

Makhadzi’s confession leaves Mzansi in shock

Makhadzi’s confession leaves Mzansi in shock 1Makhadzi and King Monada shook the internet this week when they went on Facebook Live and exchanged a few heated words. This fight was all because both of them claimed ownership of their song Ghanama.

We knew the song would be a banger because they shared a video from their recording session, and it was LIT! After the clip went viral, Makhadzi took to Facebook and went on a rant claiming Monada used to treat her like a dog whenever they were recording the song.

She claimed ownership of the song Ghanama but Monada also claimed it belonged to him and it featured Makhadzi and Prince Benza.

After all this commotion, they both started trending on social media only to find out that 3 days later, it was all just a publicity stunt to get their song trending before its release.

Makhadzi made tis confession on Twitter when she was reminding her fans that the song will get released today. She said there is no bad blood between her and Monada and that they are fine. It was all just an act.

“Tomorrow we are dropping Ghanama official audio MAKHADZI AND KING MONADA FT PRINCE BENZA…I would like to inform everyone that me and Monada we are fine we did those live videos for publicity stunt.. and it really worked for our song to be known before the release,” she said.

There is no reason for this to not be a publicity stunt as it was all too sudden and it felt orchestrated anyway, however Mzansi is not convinced and they believe she did all of this to try and make it go away.

Her followers are convinced that they were fighting and the Facebook Live videos were real, but Makhadzi is doing all of this to try and sweep this under the rug or maybe her back is against the wall.

By just saying it was a publicity stunt, is probably not enough because which of our ZAlebs have ever admitted to pulling our legs?