Look! Dineo Moeketsi-Langa brings the sunshine to our gloomy day

Look! Dineo Moeketsi-Langa brings the sunshine to our gloomy day

Everyone has a specific style that makes them stick out, and for on-screen character and TV creator Dineo Moeketsi-Langa, shaking jumpsuits begins to stand out.

She feels feeble at the knees over figure-grasping dresses and rompers that superstar her twists and we’re worshiping it.

She totally conveys the sunshine to our depressing days.

Dineo Langa 1

From off-shoulders to animal print rompers, her style is reliably great.

The past “The Queen” star sure acknowledges how to dress for her body type and these are a part of our favored looks on her.

Polka spots

Dineo Langa 2

This set takes after a piece that was modified in the on-screen character’s body.


Khosi Nkosi did value when she organized the b00btube, ringer base piece.

Dineo Langa 3

Lady wearing red

At the SA Style Awards in Sandton City a year back, Mrs Langa streamed in an all red outfit by Era Emporium. Challenge to Siyamthanda Ndube for styling her.

Dineo Langa 6


Organized by Non Basic, this no matter how you look at it is the perfect fit for Moeketsi.

Dineo Langa 4

All white

At the 2016 South African Music Awards, she shook a white chic jumpsuit by Quiteria and George.

Dineo Langa 5

We essentially love Mrs Langa’s inclination of style we just cant get enough.