Level 2: Schools Open, Alcohol Sale Permitted And Everyone Must Go Back to Their Workplace- Opinion

Level 2: Schools Open, Alcohol Sale Permitted And Everyone Must Go Back to Their Workplace- Opinion

South Africa has been shifting back and so on in an attempt to prevent the expansion of the Corona viral infection; they have implemented lockdowns in the past, only to loosen the limitations once the percentage of incidents increases and allow some activities that generate revenue, such as the sale of alcoholic beverages and the operation of bars and clubs, to recommence. This is the 25th day of lockdown, which was originally intended to last 14 days but was gradually increased by another 14 days, bringing the total number of days in lockdown to a total of 28.

A great deal is predicted of Cyril Ramaphosa when he addresses the country on Sunday, because it will be the 28th day on Monday and the number of positive cases is reducing bit by bit. He is predicted to inform us of the next steps, and we all understand that a nationwide tragedy lockdown did take only 14 days. However, because of the dire circumstance the government granted him an additional 14 days but since they recognized that people were dying on a daily basis. Although situations such as midnight prayer vigils, social events, family gatherings, burials, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, beach resorts, and other activities have been disallowed for a very lengthy moment, it is now anticipated that he will change its policy.

As a result, liquor alcoholics are now becoming increasingly impatient but not only boozers, but also SAB corporation, which is concerned about staff members who are about to risk losing their job opportunities if the alcohol restriction proceeds, as they will be pressured to discharge them since there is no cash flowing in and, even worse, they are still trying to recover from the Dec. 11 violent extremist attack on the country. In addition, he is predicted to speak about the Srd grant for jobless people, as many citizens have been affected by the circumstance in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng, which has resulted in plundering and burning and a lot of people are on the risk of losing their employment opportunities. He is also anticipated to speak about the taxi brutality in Cape Town, where citizens are losing their existences while others are suffering the effects, as many people have prevented going back to work and getting up early to

A great deal is supposed to change in the next few weeks, beginning with the president’s public statement on Sunday, March 18. The President must communicate to the public that he has decided to lift the ban and that they must do the right thing and take care of themselves if the ban is to be lifted.

In conclusion of my opinion, the country must be moved to level 2 in order to save the economy, the sale of alcohol must be allowed and everyone must go back to their respective jobs.