Letoya Makhene gets engaged to lesbian lover Lebo Generations

Letoya Makhene gets engaged to lesbian lover Lebo Generations

Ages: The Legacy entertainer Letoya Makhene is living beyond happy after news spread quickly that she said yes to a proposition to be engaged.

Letoya is transparently in a lesbian relationship with money manager Lebo Keswa and the two have been exhibiting their adoration and victorious via online media. Presently it would appear that the two have chosen to solidify their relationship and formally get hitched.

Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa

Taking to Instagram, Lebo Keswa posted a standard with the words, “Letoya will you wed Me?”. It was trailed by a “She said yes” affirmation.

Letoya Makhene gets connected with to lesbian darling Lebo

Letoya has needed to clarify on various occasions how she had gotten lesbian and why she picked Lebo.

Taking to online media, the Generations: The Legacy entertainer unveiled a small scale declaration to all the ones who flood her DMs, TL and remarks area, asking her what was “so unique” about Lebo that she’s dating her rather than men.

Subsequent to being overwhelmed with such inquiries, Letoya chose to sort them out unequivocally.

Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa

“We should simply move this for the last time it would be ideal if you and ideally I won’t be posed this inquiry once more. To all the ones who continue asking me for what good reason her? What do I find in her? Nywe … here’s my answer … she’s extraordinary in bed.”

Obviously, the roads went wild!

Altogether, she has four kids three young men and a young lady. The main spouse of Letoya Makhene is known as a Zimbabwean Privilege Mangesi. She had three kids from him; Nubia, Tadiwa, and Tamuda before things turned sour. She separated from Mangesi following nine years of their happy marriage.