Letoya Makhene and lesbian lover Lebo’s romantic engagement party

Letoya Makhene and lesbian lover Lebo’s romantic engagement party

Entertainer Letoya Makhene and her accomplice financial specialist Lebohang Keswa have locked in. The sentimental commitment occurred on Saturday morning.

Late at night, loved ones of the two love winged animals assembled at Houghton inn to celebrate with them.

It was a memorable night. Latoya told the visitors that she was frantically enamored with Lebo.

“She is all I require,” she said.

She said it’s been 8 months since they’ve been together and their affection was developing further by day.

“We won’t state we don’t have our good and bad times since that is the thing that each relationship has yet what I like is that our affection overcomes all.”

“At the point when we began with this relationship, we got a great deal of analysis yet we’ve figured out how to live with them.”

She said she got her dad’s favors and that is all that made a difference to her.

“Lebo fulfills me. She has instructed me to see an incentive in my life. I’ve experienced a great deal previously and that broke me however being with her has made me entire once more.”

Lebo said Latoya was all that she has ever dream off. “I love you,” she advised her.

Latoya described to the visitors a touch of how her commitment occurred.

She said she was taken, toward the beginning of the day, to the tourist balloon.

“We flew up to the sky and when we were arriving, there was a composition on the ground. While I was as yet astounded, Lebo was at that point on one knee requesting my hand in marriage.”

“I said yes,” she deferred her ring. She said it was the best snapshot of her life which she will never under any circumstance overlook.

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