Lathitha’s family is at war, they have rejected the report

Lathitha’s family is at war, they have rejected the report

Lathitha's family is at war, they have rejected the report 1When 16-year-old Lathitha Nako commited suicide over alleged bullying, South African hearts bled.

In December, provincial education department officials met the family, including her mother, Bongi, and grandmother, Kholeka, and the family spokesperson, to present a report on the investigation into Lathitha’s death.

The spokesperson, Bathandwa Daniels, said the family was not given the physical report to read and they were not allowed to take notes during the meeting.

Daniels said Kholeka had worked as a domestic helper in her family home for many years and she considered the Nakos to be family.

Speaking to the Dispatch, Daniels said the report presented by the department was highly irregular, was not an orderly account and contained a conflict of information.

“The family has no closure,” she said. “When we went to the meeting we did not want to fight with the department, we just wanted to understand the process of compiling the preliminary report.”

Daniels said the report stated that a family conflict was the leading reason Lathitha had ended her life.

In November, the Dispatch reported Lathitha had a spiritual gift, and that she was allegedly tormented by a group of pupils and teachers because of her spiritual abilities.

As a result, two teachers were placed on special leave while concessions were made for the pupils implicated, the Dispatch reported.

Daniels said: “They said the day before Lathitha passed away, she poured her heart out about a disagreement she had had with her grandmother recently.”

“Mangwevu, as we affectionately call Lathitha’s grandmother, wept when hearing this information. The remarks took us completely by surprise.”

She said they asked the department to be involved in the appointment of an independent investigator as the report had been compiled by department officials.

Department communications director Nyameka Mgijima said the department had clearly indicated to the Nako family that the report presented was a preliminary one.

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