Lady Zamar was subjected to verbal abuse from men and women alike.while explaining how Sjava raped her

Lady Zamar was subjected to verbal abuse from men and women alike.while explaining how Sjava raped her

While Sjava was met with only help when he posted his video, Lady Zamar was exposed to boisterous attack from people the same.

Web-based media clients have been left in stun after performer Lady Zamar (Janet Banda) was met with boisterous attack from people the same after she chose to go on Instagram Live and disclose to her side of the story just because.

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This was in light of a video posted by her ex and individual artist Sjava (Jabulani Hadebe) in which he denied the assault claims recently leveled against him by Lady Zamar.

After a day, Lady Zamar took to Twitter to report that she was “tired of the apparent multitude of falsehoods” and included that she would be going live to address the issue.

Notwithstanding, individuals have since been left astonished by the obnoxious attack she was exposed to as abhorrent remarks posted on the live stream, generally by ladies.

I can’t watch Lady Zamar’s video. Terrified of triggers. Saw screen captures of the remarks ๐Ÿ’”

โ€” Mamawezingane (@maiden_zulu) August 28, 2020

A portion of the most noticeably awful reactions were even screenshotted and shared on Twitter

In November 2019, Lady Zamar laid an instance of assault against Sjava, a reality which was just disclosed in March this year.

She asserted she was assaulted by the charged after the two performed at the Royal Heritage Festival in Limpopo in 2017.

Sjava first reacted by sending her a letter of interest in November after she rehashed the allegation after one of his shows on October 27, 2019. He at that point laid a criticism charge because of her opening an assault case.

After the world was acquainted with his “significant other” during one of his shows, Zamar took to Twitter and stated: “Your valuable Zulu man is a liar and a con artist. Cheers to each individual that didn’t trust me when I revealed to them that that nigga’s hitched.”

In his 12-minute video proclamation, Sjava likewise denied the claim that he is hitched. You can hear him talk on this as the 2:48 imprint.

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