King Monada undresses his Wife’s friend with insults

King Monada undresses his Wife’s friend with insults

Master Monada of Idibala approval has apologized to his loved one’s friend, Maite, for undressing her with attacks seven days prior. Monada mistreated Maite to an emphasis of put-down, thinking of her as a b!tch and lekgosha (wh0re), among others.

Like that was deficient, Monada even made an EP out of more vulgarities about Maite and her mother’s privates. Tending to Sunday World, the Oskabora Moreki hitmaker said he bemoaned his exercises and communicated a longing for harmony to Maite.

“I was angry and angrily I derided her. I am sorry to her, my fans and South Africans for my direct. I should have known better, I’m lamented,” he said.

Ruler Monada, real name Khutso Kgatla, said he blew up as a frantic bull when he found that Maite was enabling Lerato (his loved one) to leave him, ensuring that the vocalist was harming towards her.

“I saw a message from Maite asking my significant other to use my fame to get money for her. She was enlisting her to join her stokvel and expected to use my online life stages to choose whatever number people as could sensibly be normal so she can make boatloads of money. “Right when my significant other didn’t reply, she encouraged her to leave me and said I’m misusing her,” said King Monada.

The meek Monada said regardless of the way that he felt ignored by Maite, he should not have annoyed her. “In a country where sexual direction based violence (GBV) is flooding, my exercises were shocking and I am grieved,” he said.

Sunday World has seen Maite’s WhatsApp message sent to Lerato in which she is asking her to remove the harmful relationship with the hitmaker and come back to class to develop an all the more encouraging future time for herself.

“I will uncover to you a specific something and I won’t state it again, this is about your man xam, it’s not helpful my partner, you are essentially being played. “No man who loves his gf [girlfriend] or mate would isolate them from tending to people, I’m worried over you, Lerato. You are troubled and I question you will ever be.

“U empowered Khutso all to play over your head, over and over. You have allowed him to make [you] an idiot out there, and still has [the] ability to control your life. “Wake up and accept accountability for your life. Having two youngsters doesn’t make you less noteworthy,” examines the WhatsApp. The message further scrutinizes: “U are up ’til now beautiful to let a man plays [sic] you like that, he does how he need [sic], anyway need [sic] to control u. Remember, if you are vexed now, u will never be.

“It will be more lamentable. Bolster yourself, achieve something, come back to class. A lot to her consternation that she was stepping on the toes of Monada, who presented her to a deluge of indecencies “B***h, Lerato has everything, money, house and a vehicle and consider what, [you simply have a @nus]”, examines one of Monada’s messages after he unveiled to Maite that her proposal to his significant other is “sh**t”.

– Sunday World