Junior De Rocka went on holiday to Hong Kong.

Junior De Rocka went on holiday to Hong Kong.

Junior De Rocka went on holiday to Hong Kong. 1

Fans of Junior De Rocka have flooded his social media with requests for him to cut his holiday in Hong Kong short as the novel coronavirus continues to take lives.

Just like most entertainers, who only get rest after the festive season, Junior took his holiday recently and headed out to Asia. He started off in Bali, but one of the places on his itinerary was Hong Kong, where coronavirus is now at its peak.

Some of his friends and fans made sure he knew that he needed to be safe and make his way home as soon as possible.

The star responded to the calls for him to return by explaining that he still wants to get “vaccinated” before he heads back to Mzansi.

“Still have to get coronavirus vaccine then I’m coming big bro,” the DJ responded.

Scientists have been racing against time to develop a vaccine for the virus.

Junior went on to express the concern he has for his safety in the caption of a picture he posted wearing a mask that decreases the risk of respiratory infection.

“A Rocka in Hong Kong. Gotta stay safe because this coronavirus is real. Maybe it’s just time to come home,” he said.

According to Times Select, the number of cases of coronavirus has already superseded that of the Sars virus of 2003. The virus has now seen more than 7,000 cases, where the Sars outbreak peaked at 5,327.