J&J vaccine is a scam_ dark secret is finally revealed

J&J vaccine is a scam_ dark secret is finally revealed

J&J vaccine is a scam_ dark secret is finally revealed 1
Ever since the introduction of the third wave, the presidency of South Africa has been trying by all means to ensure that every single citizen of Mzansi is Vaccinated- in efforts to achieve ‘herd immunity’.

Recent data released has shown that the j&j vaccine is a scam. According to various well hidden reports, The j&j vaccine that is currently being administered in South Africa as a precautionary measure against the third wave, is severely failing against the Delta virus, and as a result, America is registering 100 000 infections of the covid-19 virus per day.

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The President of America has addressed his people on the 3rd of August to encourage them to continue vaccinating, saying that “If you have not recieved your own vaccine jab, you are much more likely to get Covid-19 and then get admitted which will ultimate result in your passing”, but recent data shows that people who are vaccinated from the j&j transmit the virus faster than people who are not infected.

All this suggest that the President of South Africa as well as all the Presidents of countries where the j&j is administered, know that the vaccine is not what it is portrayed to be- hence they pay influencers to market it for them.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.co.za/trending/the-us-is-averaging-100000-new-covid-infections-a-day-2021-8

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