In Shock_ Cyril Advised To Resign

In Shock_ Cyril Advised To Resign

In Shock_ Cyril Advised To Resign 1President Cyril Ramaphosa has been served with yet another open letter from disgruntled citizens advising him to do the honourable thing and step aside.

National Freedom Party issued a open letter to the president instructing him to step down following his inability to deal with corruption and his own issues such as the unsealing of CR17 bank statements.

NFP secretary general Canaan Mdletshe said Cyril Ramaphosa’s is handling corruption cases of his own comrades with kids gloves as opposed to what he preached when he ascended to presidency that he was going to crack whip and root out corruption from the ANC.

He also cited that Cyril has failed to deal with accusations against him that he bought his way into presidency, bit instead of clarifying the allegations he has opted to use the use by ensuring that the CR17 bank statements which remain sealed.

In Shock_ Cyril Advised To Resign 2

“As corruption allegations, scandal after scandal involving members of your cabinet manifested, a hard reality hit us all. Accusations of you having bought your presidency started making rounds.

Instead of you publicly denying or collaborating the allegations, you opted to use the courts,” said Mdletshe.

NFP further argued that the other reasons they want Cyril Ramaphosa to resign is because of the Bosasa bombshell in which it’s alleged that he benefitted monies from.

In Shock_ Cyril Advised To Resign 3

They also expressed concern over the missing R15 billion which was meant to alleviate the lives of the poor under Cyril Ramaphosa’s adminstration as well as the PPE corruption scandals that his ally Khusela Diko and her late husband where at the centre of.


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