IN MEMES: Sana Mchunu plays Zodwa, who is Teddy’s mother on Gomora.

IN MEMES: Sana Mchunu plays Zodwa, who is Teddy’s mother on Gomora.

In the wake of watching Wednesday’s night scene of Gomora, fans of the plan have expected to hesitantly yield that it was never the alcohol that made Zodwa a terrible mother, and they were sorrow blasted to find precisely how unsafe she is.

Zodwa, whose character is played by veteran performer Sana Mchunu, has been steadily revealing her authentic nature since she returned from recuperation.

Recognizing how unsafe she was, Zodwa was sent to recuperation by Teddy’s head after her lead started impacting Teddy’s school work.

Fans from the start thought Gladys (the principal’s significant other) was focused on Teddy and they thought she was essentially being horrendous to Zodwa considering the way that she looked down on her.

Regardless, since she’s come back from recuperation she’s recently revealed that she’s a mean, shaky and harmful individual and now Gomora fans can’t fight the temptation to worry for Teddy’s future.

Since she’s been back, even fans expected to yield that her embodiment wasn’t valuable for Teddy. Not only is she earnestly manipulative, anyway she was unable to think about Teddy’s school work and fans can not, now denounce the alcohol.

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