IN MEMES | Glenda’s heartbreak because of Kwaito left tweeps HURT!

IN MEMES | Glenda’s heartbreak because of Kwaito left tweeps HURT!

IN MEMES | Glenda's heartbreak because of Kwaito left tweeps HURT! 1

Kwaito (middle) had to choose between Lizzy (right) and Glenda (left).
Image: Skeem Saam via Twitter
Glenda’s heartbreak at the hand of Kwaito has been looming for a while now and even though Skeem Saam fans knew that the moment would shatter Glenda, they only realised on Tuesday evening how heartbroken it left them.

Kwaito, who promised Glenda the world and the stars, started cheating on her some time back with his “friend” Lizzy. He slowly began treating Glenda like trash and didn’t have the guts to break up with her because of all the sacrifices she had done for the sake of their relationship.

Like that time she turned down a huge international scholarship, just so she could be closer to Kwaito. Even though fans always expressed that Glenda was naive to pull such a move, they hoped that the relationship would be worth it.

Then Kwaito went and started cheating!

Tweeps were in their feels over the break up. For some, Kwaito’s trashy behaviour was hitting too close to home for them, especially when this part came:

Glenda: “You are dumping me?”

Kwaito: “No! Dumping is a very strong word.. But I want you to know that you’ll always have a special place in my heart…”

Yhu… tweeps were finished! Poor Glenda is only left with regret, while the new graduate and his doctor best friend-turned-girlfriend ride into the sunset.

They had just the memes for the moment.

Bonang was over the moon and took to social media to share both announcements. She was soon flooded with messages of support and congratulations.

The future of the pageant was thrown into doubt earlier this year after delays in announcing this year’s competition and Cell C withdrawing as a sponsor of the event.

Organisers told TshisaLIVE in April that the show would go ahead, despite the hurdles.

“The pageant is not cancelled. We are hoping to announce some exciting news soon regarding the 2019 contest,” Sun International spokesperson Zoleka Skweyiya said at the time.

The pageant has since got new sponsors and its top 16 finalists will be announced at ceremony in Johannesburg on Thursday.