If You See These 2 Holes On A Woman’s Back.. This Is What It Means

If You See These 2 Holes On A Woman’s Back.. This Is What It Means

If You See These 2 Holes On A Woman’s Back.. This Is What It Means 1

Source: Healthline.com (Back Dimples – Dimples of Venus)

Source Link: https://www.healthline.com/health/back-dimples

Holes on your lower back are known as back dimples. The dimples lie right above your buttocks, over the point where your pelvis and spine meet. They’re made by a small ligament that connects your superior iliac spine (the iliac bone’s outer border) to your skin.

These back dimples are also known as Venusian dimples. Although this is a common nickname, it is widely accepted in the medical profession. Back dimples are generally linked with femininity, therefore the term derives from Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty. Females are more likely to have back dimples.

Dimples are assumed to be genetic in general, however there is no proof of this. Because there has been little research on the subject, scientists are unsure which genes are associated to dimples. Because there are no muscles in the area to tone, you won’t be able to make them appear through exercise. Losing weight, on the other hand, might accentuate back dimples.

The claim that males find Venus’ dimples appealing in women is backed up by facts. This could be an evolutionary choice linked to pregnancy-related benefits including pelvic stability and weight-bearing capacity.

Back dimples, or indentations on the lower back, are a typical aesthetic characteristic. Short ligaments linking your pelvis to your skin cause them, although they have no medical consequences. They are not only safe, but they can also be regarded a symbol of attractiveness, particularly in women!

There are some resemblances between back dimples and sacral dimples, but there are also some significant distinctions.

Both sorts of dimples are generally inconspicuous. While back dimples are primarily cosmetic, a sacral dimple has been linked to a variety of medical issues.

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