If nominated, Dlamini-Zuma will run for the role of ANC president

If nominated, Dlamini-Zuma will run for the role of ANC president

If nominated, Dlamini-Zuma will run for the role of ANC president 1When the African National Congress elects new leadership in December, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma says she will be a contender if nominated. Following an event at the Castle of Good Hope to celebrate Heritage Month, the Cogta minister was speaking in Cape Town.

Hide the ciggies! Dlamini-Zuma ‘may run for president’ THIS YEAR

It has been verified by Dlamini-Zuma to SABC News that she will be eligible for nomination as an ANC presidential candidate. “Our constitution and the ANC’s constitution both stipulate that there must be equality in the nation; thus, equality means that women should be represented in all fields of human endeavor, including serving as president of both the nation and the ANC. You don’t just stand up and announce you’re available in the ANC. Can we nominate you, the branches ask? We’d like to nominate you. And several have said as much, asking whether I will be available if they nominate me. I will, indeed, be available.”

The Castle and the African Religious and Traditional Leaders Council co-hosted the event. According to African Religious and Traditional Leaders’ Council Bishop Templeton Mbekwa, it is time to realize the ideal of a secure and prosperous South Africa.

“We are banding together and returning South Africans to the vision.” What is South Africa’s vision, what is your neighbor’s vision, what is your vision of the future of your children, our dear nation, let us return to the vision of 1912.” Communities disintegrating under gangsterism, drug misuse, unemployment, and gender-based violence have been identified as among the nation’s most serious concerns.

“I don’t think we can dispute that the groundwork has been established.” We talked about gender-based violence, which is something that really demeans all of us, it actually brings shame to our country, it’s not something that’s inherent in us, as I said even during the wars when there were actual wars women were not killed so this is a very new thing but it’s important for all of us to work together, the police, on one hand, communities on the other, but also religious leaders,” Dlamini-Zuma says.

Source: https://www.sabcnews.com/sabcnews/dlamini-zuma-avails-herself-for-anc-president-position-if-nominated/

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