I killed her Because I Got her a Passport, Licence and She Dumped me: Man Confesses

I killed her Because I Got her a Passport, Licence and She Dumped me: Man Confesses



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A 23-year-old Zimbabwean girl was found dead a few days ago. Her boyfriend later confessed that he is the one who killed her. The man confessed that the reason why he killed her is that she had left him and claimed she didn’t love him anymore. But the reason that he claims made him resort to such evil as killing the young lady is that he had done a lot for her.

The man claims that he paid for the lady’s passport and driver’s license. He also got her a job at Zupco. He was angry that the lady left her after everything he had done for her.

This is not the first time men have reacted like this to women leaving them or being with someone else. Just last month South Africa had to bury a young lady after her boyfriend killed her and chopped her up because she cheated on him.

Men need to be taught that they are not entitled to women. A woman can wake up and decide to leave them anytime they want, just like the way many men have done to lots of women. The irony is that when women do it they resort to violence and even killing them.

Also, men must never think that material things can keep a woman. Do things for your girlfriend or wife without the expectation of getting it back. Material things can never and will never buy love. So they need to understand that. Most men who end up killing their girlfriends are men who usually think that material things can buy the love of a woman. It is better you don’t do anything for her if you are expecting anything back.

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