I Cheated On My Wife With Our House Help Because, My Wife Became Lazy Man Narrate

I Cheated On My Wife With Our House Help Because My Wife Became Lazy Man Narrate

Victor revealed on live TV, tearfully, how he cheated on his wife and how he felt betrayed by her in their household. He reports that his wife was slow shortly after birth, annoying him without end.

Victor claims that everything changed just after his wife was born and sometimes he went home to find his wife sleeping on his couch, although she had no meals to prepare for the family.

He says he spent most of his time cooking in the kitchen while his wife was sleeping in the other room. Victor opposed the hiring of a housekeeper by his wife, but his wife did. Despite his wife’s opposition, Victor began to see their housekeeper in secret.

They both left home for work on the day in question when taken in the action with the household, but Victor feigned to have forgotten his keys at home and went into the residence.

His wife, Olivia, decided to go back and check her husband; she saw them both in the deed in their matrimonial beds and quickly packed up their belongings and fled.

Although Victor pleads for the forgiveness of Olivia, Olivia maintains that she can’t forgive him because the episode is still fresh in her memory. She believes she’d rather stay alone than live again with Victor.

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