Horrific Crash On The N1 In Limpopo Kills Six Including Two Kids

Horrific Crash On The N1 In Limpopo Kills Six Including Two Kids

Horrific Crash On The N1 In Limpopo Kills Six Including Two Kids 1

People are always travelling to different destinations, some are heading for their work places, some are taking their kids to their schools, the bottom line is that the roads are always busy with people going to different directions, some of the drivers happen to make mistakes on the road and one mistake can turn to be fatal since there is no room for mistakes on the road, one human mistake can cost a lot of people their lives, this is why when people do their driver’s license are told to make sure that they adhere to all rules of the road for their own safety and fellow road users.

Accidents happens every now and then on the roads, if you find yourself travelling a long distance and manage to reach your destination unharmed, you should be thankful since once you get on to the road, there is a 50/50 chance of getting involved and not reach your destination just like the seven people who reportedly lost their lives on Tuesday morning after they were involved in a fatal accident in Polokwane.

Reports emerging from Limpopo suggests that at least seven people died in a fatal crash between a Toyota Fortuner and a heavy duty truck, the accident happened on the N1 near the Mall of the North on Tuesday morning after the driver the Fortuner reportedly lost control and crashed on to the truck.

According to reports, six people died on the scene and on those who died there are two children who unfortunately also lost their lives.

“Serious mv crash on the N1 bypass near the Mall of the North. It is reported that the Fortuner lost control and crashed head on into a truck. 7 Fatalities is reported. The driver and six passengers died on scene of which 2 is children 7 Vehicle A 1 Driver and 06 Passengers,” reports suggests.

It is not yet clear what really happened, but preliminary reports suggests that the driver of the Fortuner lost control of his vehicle and it crashed on to the on-coming truck.

Horrific Crash On The N1 In Limpopo Kills Six Including Two Kids 2

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