HIV and Covid-19! New Research Reveals Terrible News

HIV and Covid-19! New Research Reveals Terrible News

HIV and Covid-19! New Research Reveals Terrible News 1

Ever since the virus started people have been wondering about it. It was set during the beginning that the coronavirus affects those with pre-existing health conditions and core morbidities worse than every other person. This is why it was advised that the vaccination start with those with pre-existing health conditions as they are very much at risk of getting the virus quicker and suffering the worst from it.

Even so there is little to no information about the effects of HIV and AIDS on the Corona virus. A new study has likely revealed everything that people living with HIV need to know about the virus. That is not very good news but it is there to help people fight this virus even when they already have HIV.

HIV and Covid-19! New Research Reveals Terrible News 2

According to an article from the New York times it is said that people with HIV are likely to suffer the worst from the coronavirus don’t people without it. This is a study that was conducted on a couple of people who were living with HIV and contracted the covid-19 virus. It was found that these people we quick to need hospitalization than any other person.

It is said that the mixture of the covid-19 virus with the HIV cause the body to give up quickly. This is why it has been advise that people with HIV join the queue of those ones who will be getting vaccinated first. This is to try and save as many lives as possible as it is already known that HIV is a pandemic on its own especially in Africa.

HIV and Covid-19! New Research Reveals Terrible News 3

It is said that if you get infected with a virus and you’re also hiv-positive you are likely to run out of breath lose you sense of smell and taste quicker than everyone else. With that being said it is very wise for people who are very much aware of their HIV status to play it Safe.

This means they have to be extra cautious on wearing masks and sanitizing all the time. The best way to protect yourself will always be to get vaccinated as soon as you get the chance because vaccinations are known to prevent the severe symptoms from occurring. Many people who have been vaccinated and have HIV have survived convert 19 infections.

What is your take on the matter? Were you aware of such information about HIV and the coronavirus? Have you gotten vaccinated as yet or are you planning to get vaccinated even though you have HIV?