Here’s why fans are convinced Rihanna is pregnant

Here’s why fans are convinced Rihanna is pregnant

Twitter was flooded with claims that Riri is pregnant.
Image: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna
Social media users are sure that we will soon have a tiny Riri running around after snaps surfaced online on Friday that many claim shows the star is pregnant.

The tea was brewed when Rihanna showed up at the annual Diamond Ball on Thursday night. Almost all the snaps showed her with a young bump and in an interview with Essence she couldn’t help but gush over her future child.

In the interview, Rihanna preached hard about being black and proud, saying she would teach her child to be the same.

“I’m a black woman. I came from a black woman, who came from a black woman, who came from a black woman, and I’m going to give birth to a black woman. My mother is an incredible example of how to fight through obstacles in life. I’m sure her mom taught her that and that’s how I’m going to be. We are impeccable, we’re special, we’re special and the world is going to have to deal with that.”

Of course, that doesn’t REALLY mean Riri was on some “I’m pregnant, y’all” tip, but fans ran with it and posted snaps of her “bump” at the Ball to prove their theory.

Her name topped the local trends list as Mzansi weighed in on the international debate!

And here we thought she was cooking an album, mara she’s baking a bun in the oven.

Rihanna is NOT pregnant and this is proof look at the first two pics of Rihanna when she’s not singing and then look at the last picture of Rihanna singing how is the “bump” showing that hard only when she sings the girl has gone thick so when she sings her stomach pushes out

— 2019AFRICA (@2019AFRICA) September 13, 2019