Heartbreaking Minnie Dlamini regrets getting divorced 

Heartbreaking Minnie Dlamini regrets getting divorced

Heartbreaking Minnie Dlamini regrets getting divorced  1
Heartbreaking Minnie Dlamini regrets getting divorced see what she said here. The award-winning television presenter Minnie Dlamini has left people talking after dropping a statement on her Instagram page. She is a South African popular talented television presenter and entrepreneur. She is one of the female celebrities who are loved worldwide. Some people know her as a woman who is obsessed with fashion and always leaves people asking for more when dressing up. She has been in the media and entertainment industry for a long time and managed to win the love of people because of her work.

The media personality called it quits with her ex-husband and father of child Quinton Jones earlier this year. The couple broke it off after four years of being married and blessed with a baby boy. It was a shock to the world when they announced their divorce as people were not ready for such. They made people to see marriage as a simple thing because of the love that they showed each other. Many people who did not believe in love were able to fall in love because of them.

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Sadly things did not end very well. Both of them did reveal that they had been going through a lot of challenges just like any other couple. They tried to solve their matters but it did not work. That is why they saw it fit to finally call it quits. They are focusing on being supportive parents toward their son and they revealed that they will not allow the divorce to ruin the relationship they have with their son. Minnie Dlamini took it to social media to reveal that misses being married.

Heartbreaking Minnie Dlamini regrets getting divorced  2

When you are used to having something, you get to miss it when it’s gone. She has missed spending time with her husband and sharing a bed with him. ” Do not get divorced, Look at me now I am stranded and in need”. She ended her statement with stickers to show that she is feeling cold. She was probably used to spending time with her ex-husband and getting used to not having your partner around is not really easy. People were left stunned as she finally joked about her divorced. To the world, they believe that is healing.