Gugu Gumede aka Mamlambo Leaving Uzalo?tears

Gugu Gumede aka Mamlambo Leaving Uzalo?tears

Gugu Gumede aka Mamlambo Leaving Uzalo?tears 1It seems as though Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede who portrays the much-loved character of Mamlambo, is leaving the popular SABC 1 show. Gugu has been on the show for several years now and she has become a household name with a legion of fans.

The manner in which she delivers her artistry captivates many viewers. In the latest episode of the show has sent them on panic mode. Mamlambo left KwaMashu, and viewers are confused whether she has abandoned the show.

Although there hasn’t been an official confirmation that she is leaving the show, she also has a keen interest in politics. Uzalo has been making a lot of changes lately. Mastermind is played by the talented TK Dlamini recently returned to the show to shake things up.

The actor apparently left the show after producers could no longer work with him. But both Uzalo and TK cleared the air and said he would be making more appearances in the future. Hence his return again this month.

Gugu lost her mother in 2021 and she promised to carry on her legacy. Speaking at an NFP’s manifesto launch she told NFP supporters that she was available if they needed her anytime.

“…When I am here, I am not MaMlambo but a proud NFP member. This is the party that was led by a leader without a single corruption mark against her, a true definition of a leader,” she said as quoted by Daily Sun.

“Seeing you here really brings me so much joy and a lot of emotions because I believe my mother left very early without seeing us getting back what we lost when we were intentionally disqualified from the 2016 elections,” she continued.

She also slammed the Zululand District Municipality, “We are going to vote and we will vote for the NFP. We will get everything that belongs to us. For five years, the Zululand District Municipality has failed to deliver basic services…Our time has come to take over where we left when we lost power…If you need me, I am available and I can go anywhere you need me. We can’t let Njinji’s legacy die,” promised Gugu.

Her mother Zanele Kamagwaza-Msibi, succumbed to a cardiac arrest linked to COVID-19. “Words will never be enough to express our appreciation for the love and affection that she single-handedly raised us with. We never lacked; and when the opportunity presented itself, we ensured that she never did too – and we are appreciative of this. We thank God that she lived long enough to watch her children be successes in their own rights, and bless her for it in return. Today, we are at peace knowing that she rests with the knowledge that she was loved and appreciated immensely.”

Gugu wished her mother a peaceful send-off, “Hamba Kahle Ninja. Yengwayo. Our hearts are in shambles, but we remain as strong as you were. I am so proud to be your daughter, Manqondo. I’ll always walk tall. You did it!