Good news: Linda Mtoba back to TheRiver1Magic

Good news: Linda Mtoba back to TheRiver1Magic

Performer Linda Mtoba’s The River character Nomonde Dikana made her hair-raising return to screens must to the delight of watchers who have missed her insidious character.

Also as Lindiwe has wrapped up dealing with her most noteworthy cerebral torment causer Emma returns Nomonde in the night joined by blue lights and keeping in mind that watchers were charmed to see uMa ka Bean on screens again, her on-screen family was assuredly not.

Nomonde got the coldest welcome from her family instead of getting welcome grasps she got questions and even her father was disturbed about his most seasoned young lady’s sudden return.

Watchers are starting at now guessing that Nomonde’s appearance could mean trouble for playful couple Lindani and Tumi who are also living in the Dikana estate. Lindani and Nomonde all through his break with Tumi had an incredibly hot and overpowering journey, would she have the option to be back with a bun in the oven.

Furthermore, Lindiwe who has never been a fan of Zweli’s first young lady could essentially begin a retaliation plan for Nomonde giving her catlike food.