Gomora: New kid on the block Siphesihle Ndaba talks about playing Mazet

Gomora: New kid on the block Siphesihle Ndaba talks about playing Mazet

Newcomer Siphesihle Ndaba has swayed fans with her delineation of Mazet on Mzansi Magic’s “Gomora”.

We discovered her.

What pulled in you to this substance?

What pulled in me to the creation was Mazet’s character bio. It’s a sort of character that I have not examined or played already.

I love that they’ve thought of her as strong momentous yet unprotected against the people she contemplates kind of woman, she’s a troublesome solver, a decided specialist.

She appreciates what she needs and will do what she needs to get it (I may not agree with her procedures for achieving what she needs yet I regard her “won’t stop until I get it” mien).

She in like manner doesn’t make a not too bad endeavor to fit in. The story of “Gomora” itself is a microcosm of South Africa – it depicts reality of various people; their money related status, social complexities, etc its real and unrefined.

What are a part of the attributes you like about her?

I regard her “won’t stop until I get what I need” mindset. She is in like manner an especially loyal friend/laborer – when she gives you access to her space she will do everything conceivable to guarantee you.

She in like manner doesn’t endeavor to be cherished, she does what she needs in any case – she was unable to think about open acknowledgment or “bazothini abantu”


As of recently, what has been the most testing thing about playing this character?

I think as much far the most testing thing about Mazet has been her language.

I speak isiZulu – my people are from KZN so I’d express my Zulu is exceptionally superior to average – while researching the character and her condition I comprehended that I’d have to learn “township Zulu” and Tsotsi taal so I put a huge amount of time and assessment into that methodology to portray her truly.

Mazet is an incredibly sure woman – she does what she needs to when she needs to anyway uSiphesihle is a noteworthy unobtrusive individual so I really expected to step out of my typical scope of recognition to delineate Mazet and sit calmly in her lifestyle and her trade.

You went to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, how did that experience sway you?

The school is an activity establishment which positively outfit my organization aptitudes. The school has helped me become a reasonable pioneer – I endeavor to better all aspects of my life for instance educationally, socially, really , mentally, truly and significantly.

The school has moreover outfitted me with the ability to all the more probable articulate my insights and estimations intentionally.

I esteemed that the school recognized everyone’s characteristics and didn’t hold any calling in higher regard to another; those that performed well in sports were adulated, those that performed well academically were applauded similarly as the people who performed well in articulations of the human experience.

I esteemed that since I by then felt pleasant and secure with looking for after a calling in articulations of the human experience. The school encouraged us to praise our characteristics in each piece of our lives. Which is the explanation I inspected Economics in University (as a fortification) anyway acknowledged I would not look for after a calling in the field. I understood I would have been inside the inventive area.


Gomora simply transformed into the most-viewed show up on Dstv, what does it feel like to be isolated of a show along these lines?

Its a shocking tendency to be a bit of a creation stacked up with such competent people from the cast to the group. Its surprising considering the way that not only is our show successful yet we moreover have such a shocking working environment. I take in something from my partners every week.

It’s also dazzling and reaffirming to have your work and aptitudes saw. Its reaffirming as it’s a sign that all the work and fretful nights I put in school weren’t pointless. I am extremely, truly grateful for this possibility.

The social occasion towards Mazet’s character has in like manner been so charming and again reaffirming considering the way that I put in a lot of investigation to prepare for the character.