Gogo Maweni from Izangoma Zodumo who is being accused of witchcraft revealed

Gogo Maweni from Izangoma Zodumo who is being accused of witchcraft revealed

Another Mzansi Magic show called Izangoma Zodumo has been investigated for it’s defamatory and exceptionally straightforward universe of customary mending, leaving Mzansi profoundly unmoved.

Since the time the new show, Izangoma Zodumo debuted on Mzansi Magic, it has been a subject of conversation and has caused a distinction on sees as a result of the holiness of the custom. Some are cheering the makers of the show, some vibe that it is lewdness to have it on air.

The most recent scene which broadcasted on Thursday saw Makgotso ‘Gogo Maweni’ Makopo uncovering that she has the forces to ‘entrance’ individuals on the off chance that she felt like it. This left numerous to address what precisely are the goals with the show.

Addressing TshisaLive, Gogo Maweni guarded her remarks and prompted individuals to listen more and not bounce into ends. She began by expressing she would not like to turn into a sangoma due to the generalizations which encompassed them however needed to inevitably acknowledge her calling since her child got truly sick and was left with no decision.

Addressing THAT black magic remark she said that Gogo Maweni can do it, not that she does it.

“I said Gogo Maweni realizes how to beguile individuals. I never said I do. Listening is an ability and not we all obtain it. It’s not my responsibility to make you agreeable, I’m not about that life I stated, ‘I can do. I don’t do.’ dislike I’m stating I do it constantly,” she said.

She further shielded herself by saying customers who have been casualties of black magic gone to her and she needed to figure out how it was done, “How would you treat something you don’t have the foggiest idea how to make?”

The kickback she got was a ton with some others terrified to try and remark in light of the alarming disclosures she made.

Plainly, Moonchild Sanelly is a fan, “#izangomazodumo is lit a thus reasonable about individuals being individuals!

Youthful and fun!!!

In the event that I was truly rehearsing, I’d be the coolest!!! I’d get backfire yet I wouldn’t mind simply like at this point!!! I know rock and roll thwasaz!!! It’s simply on television now! Anyway… ”

Gigi Lamayne went on an all out tirade, having similar assumptions as Ntsiki Mazwai hammering the show for not regarding the holy act of customary recuperating.

“So pause, predecessors love and need the consideration and clout on these television programs ?? I’m heartbroken, possibly I don’t comprehend. I know there is mindfulness yet then there is downright clout. This is holy. This must be treated with care and carefulness. Considerations? ”

“I saw this woman state plain altogether that she can beguile individuals on the off chance that she needs. Simultaneously you’re mending ? How does this world impact? It’s an extraordinary argument however we should not neglect to regard abadala.

“They are not trimmings or instruments to be utilized to bring in cash and stand out into a universe of created content. I’m no one important except for this has been annoying me. I wouldn’t fret the readings. For me that is mindfulness. We learn. We are intrigued to find out about our underlying foundations. Imagery, convention, culture. In any case, for what reason are we being indicated abantu abathwasayo or glitz ? There is a watchers focal point then there is simply things we ought not be seeing.”

“On the off chance that it’s following up on a soapie, let it be that. Yet, unscripted TV dramas? I don’t know it all yet I do realize that this as per lessons from our older folks is hallowed. What happens ephehlweni remains there. It resembles giving a clinical degree course to patients on television. Hayi kanje.”

“At that point we discover crack mishaps happening since individuals saw something to do with vinegar on television. Show the adolescent that this blessing is amazing. It’s esteemed. It’s tactful. It’s excellent. I’m puzzled. Instruct them to associate. This is certainly not a fabulous life. It’s an otherworldly one.”le_resources/index.js”>