Ginimbi Speaks From The Grave: He sent an important message

Ginimbi Speaks From The Grave: He sent an important message


Energy Java doesn’t appear to leave the media spotlight since he came into the nation a week ago. Consistently it appears to be he’s standing out as truly newsworthy for one story after the other. Throughout the end of the week he was mobbed by fans in Chitungwiza and his caravan needed to grind to a halt while he stood up through the sunroof to address the group.

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Enthusiasm was likewise allegedly in a battle of words with Pokello after she supposedly didn’t need him at Ginimbi’s memorial service. Enthusiasm has since come out saying Pokello is his sister and that she moves him.

In a meeting with Star FM, Passion said he had a fantasy where he saw himself on the opposite side. He perceived the opposite side to be paradise and he saw Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure. In the fantasy, Passion says Ginimbi advised him to reveal to Zimbabweans he’s in a superior spot since he was an individual who implored despite the fact that they simply didn’t have any acquaintance with it. Ginimbi likewise advised Passion to advise Zimbabweans to go to God and acknowledge him. As Passion was going to be asked his opinion on Prophet Madungwe’s explanation that Ginimbi was in damnation he interfered with the inquiry yelling “respecting and winning”.

In light of the inquiry, Passion said they’re a few people who are needing “genuine weed” so they may act typical on the grounds that not smoking may their concern. Energy Java proceeded to state how about we honor our older sibling Genius “the best power”.

Many have blamed Passion Java for hoarding the spotlight and vieing for consideration with a dead man, Genius Kadungure. So with this, it’s nothing unexpected that his most recent remarks haven’t been gotten well.

Reacting to the video one of Ginimbi’s companions who passes by the name Godogo composed:

“Prophet Passion with all due regard let Ginimbi find happiness in the hereafter, you can even now be you on the off chance that you keep his name out of your business/mouth appears as though you are attempting to increase social mileage over his demise. Back off man, not even the prophets who had an individual relationship with him have referenced anything. Permit it man #ginimbi wasn’t cool with you like that however you discover it so natural to visit such poop about him. You didn’t have any acquaintance with him like that smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ #tiredofyourcloutchase #ripginimbi”