Gender-based violence: Fikile Mlomo reveals her abusive ex-lovers

Gender-based violence: Fikile Mlomo reveals her abusive ex-lovers

The governing body must make smart move against sexual direction based severity.

This is the call from gospel star Fikile Mlomo, who said she was blessed to be alive after the abuse she experienced in her past associations.

“Seeing women being manhandled and butchered in Mzansi shimmers fear in me. I ask myself how I persevere. I’m scared,” said Fikile.

The Phenduala vocalist as of late revealed that her past playmate misused her, provoking the loss of her four-month-old youngster.

“I got into a relationship with a progressively prepared individual when I was 15,” she said.

“He beat me up for no good reason when he was failed.

“I trusted I couldn’t act against him since I loved him and he gave.

“One day he beat me up and I ended up in facility. I left the relationship when I couldn’t take the beatings any more.”

A year back she revealed that her past life accomplice was misusing her internally.

She said she required the lawmaking body to represent mauled women.

“We live in fear. We ought not charge a woman if she doesn’t report the abuse,” said Fikile.

“She may be panicked that if the law bombs her, the lowlife will execute her.

“I’m upbeat that I by and large found the intensity to leave finally.”

Fikile said she’s scared of associations because of her past experiences.


Source : news365