Famous rapper reveals how illuminati made him eat dead men’s flesh

Famous rapper reveals how illuminati made him eat dead men’s flesh

Famous rapper reveals how illuminati made him eat dead men’s flesh 1Kenyan rapper Ralph Sandal Masai, popularly referred to as Cannibal has shocked Kenyans after narrating how he changed after being approached by an alleged demonic Illuminati agent at the peak of his career. Cannibal who recently joined the list of artists who ditched secular music is now popularly recognised for his evil doing. In his latest interview, the rapper confessed that at the peak of his career, he became initiated into satan worshipping with the aid of a demonic agent who approached him with a promise that he could make him famous and rich. According to cannibal, the agent got to him pretending to be a musician from Tanzania.

“He got here posing as an artist from Tanzania and he started starting weird conversations, telling me he had 324 demons I did not take him seriously but he kept saying it so much that we told him to let us see one of the demons.”

According to the rapper, the ‘demonic’ man asked for a white piece of cloth and ginger. He then protected himself with the material and chewed the ginger with the lights off. He stated that a sudden rush of wind engulfed the house and unusual voices started speaking. The now gospel rapper said that following the incident, his family being followed by a chain of misfortunes.

At night time, we would fly to ordinary places which I later came to know were demonic temples.”

His awful ordeal with alleged satanic marketers did not end there, the rappers say he was approached by many other ‘Illuminati agents’ who wanted to sign him as an artist for Sh100million. ‘When I wanted to sign the contract, the man advised me to apply my blood to my signature,”

“The reason because my spirit wanted to realize God but at the same time, I desired worldly things. I even started writing some gospel songs.

Cannibal also said he has given up clubbing and partying. “It is the best decision I have made, I am following what the Bible teaches.”

Before ditching secular music, the rapper hit headlines after a flop show in Dubai. His performance in Dubai is one of the worst by any Kenyan artiste after three people turned up for the show.

“Nimeambiwa ati jamaa amebadilisha imani kwa sababu ya kakitu. Watu wanongea ongea lakini am not right here for the money, am here for the word and gospel. Kwa sababu maandiko pia yanasema searching for ye first the kingdom of God and all shall be delivered unto you. So first in this country, I want to manifest the presents of the Holy Spirit because this is priceless,”said Cannibal.

However, the rapper says he determined to alternate.