Family, friends say goodbye to ‘LesDaChef’ at funeral service_Watch

Family, friends say goodbye to ‘LesDaChef’ at funeral service_Watch

Family, friends say goodbye to 'LesDaChef' at funeral service_Watch 1Award-winning celebrity chef, cookbook author and TV personality Lesego Nare Semenya aka LesDaChef, who died earlier this week of Covid-19, was officially laid to rest.

The celebrated chef was just 39 years old – his funeral was attended by only close family and family and was also live-streamed for the rest of the country to watch.

During the proceedings many tributes where made to the TV chef, however it was Semenya’s girlfriend, Sisipho Gcanga’s emotionally charged Instagram video of the two that really tugged at the heart strings.

She posted the video in the early hours on July 16. In the post she spoke of how she always preferred to die before him even though he never agreed.

She also wrote about songs the two held close to their hearts and emails Semenya would send her in the initial phase of their whirlwind courtship.

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“First of all, this totally sucks because I told this guy that I’d prefer to die first and even though he didn’t agree to it, I thought he’d at least give me a few more decades, more trips, more DIY projects, more trips to builders and more of the best cuddles I’ve ever received.

“When Les and I were in our “talking stage”, I suggested we send each other a song that we love every day just so we could get to know each other more, over time Les’ songs became dedications.

“Some of my faves; 1. Some kind of miracle – Puff Johnson; 2. Spend my life with you – Eric Benét ft. Tamia; 3. I knew I loved you – Savage Garden.

“We created what is currently the only playlist I’m listening to with close to 100 songs,“ said part of the dedication.

Her message to him was simple, she thanked him for the small things, cups of tea, forehead kisses and letting her wear his slippers.

“Now…To my angel; thank you for the small things: the best cups of tea, the constant forehead kisses, making sure i always have honey, letting me wear your slippers even though it drove you mad, thank you for insisting i always have my nails done (even though it was for scratching your back)😏

“For the big things; making your home ours, loving me loudly and consistently, softening and opening up to me when you had almost given up on love.

“Thank you for what was an incredible life and what promised to be an incredible forever. I guess ours was a short story, an incredible one nonetheless. I think i’ll be ok.

“Today i’ll lace up my pair of our matching shoes and lay you to rest. I love you forever Mr Baby. Sweet dreams my angel. You can rest now,” she ended.


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