Eunice with her new car on Skeem Saam

Eunice with her new car on Skeem Saam

Eunice with her new car on Skeem Saam 1


Someone has been giving her boss difficult times at work which has made her be suspended last week, but Eunice does not look worried about losing her job, because she has been living the life that she has been dreaming of when she was young now enminuteery minutes of it.

The lady has just spoiled herself with that racecar that has got the whole Turfloop talking in the past week after asking her friend to drive because someone she does not have a drives license that can allow her to drive on her own after spoiling herself with this nice machine in Turfloop.

But the young girl has to know that money into last forever and she has to do some investment so that he can save it for the future because this day uses it this day shows that it will be finished earlier than someone thinks, and someone will be broke again and going back to the job market to apply.

Last night’s the night she was showing her car in the Turfloop high school which has caused people like Alfred to be blessed with money so that they can buy launch, but what is amazing is that the lady has been trying to be good for everyone, which might also be her downfall in the coming days.Eunice with her new car on Skeem Saam 2


Lehasa will also get some good news in the coming weeks about the fortunes that Eunice has brought for he looked he will be looking for his money.

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