Emtee’s life is in danger!Nicole leaks video of Emtee allegedly high on a drug

Emtee’s life is in danger!Nicole leaks video of Emtee allegedly high on a drug

Rapper Emtee and his now ex are presently quarreling all over web-based media, with Nicole taking steps to deliver all the documents she has against Emtee. In her most recent demonstration of vengeance, Nicole Kendall Chinsamy has released a video of Emtee obviously high on a specific medication as he unearths their lounge room region.

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The most recent video Nicole released is by all accounts working in support of herself as she is slowly increasing few individuals who are agreeing with her stance. The video lead many individuals to accept that Emtee was tanked as he can be seen drinking a 2 liter Fanta pineapple and afterward ‘incidentally’ spilled it on the floor.

His fans went to his safeguard saying their number one rapper doesn’t drink liquor. He just smokes weed and beverages lean, which is a combination of codeine hack syrup, pop, and here and there a hard sweets.

The spilled video raised a couple of warnings for some, who are still on Emtee’s side, bringing up that Nicole quieted the sound. Many are persuade that it was to attack him, yet his quiet nature and non-forcefulness neutralizes Nicole. Individuals are presently considering her to be a severe ex.

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The dad of two guarded himself saying he is happy she released that video since it uncovered nothing.

“I wasn’t flushed! I don’t drink alcohol AT ALL That was a 2 liter Fanta Pine. Unwind! Might’ve been high, not alcoholic. I’m happy she posted it cos as should be obvious in the video I’m extremely quiet and toward the end, I left. I didn’t react or argue bruh. I made an honest effort to be full grown,” reacted Emtee.

The video was taken a year ago and prior to releasing the recordings, she conveyed an admonition to Emtee requesting that he erase the tweets where he asserted Nicole and his family misuse him.

“Got all the recordings and pictures of how you generally drop. I am allowing you 15 minutes to erase each one of those tweets,” peruses Nicole’s content to Emtee.

Emtee even posted a content he got from her sibling taking steps to execute him. “Both mother and girl alternated gagging me tryna choke out me. Presently the weight lifting sibling is taking steps to slaughter me.”

The once stricken rapper even devoted an adoration melody to the mother of his children for his forthcoming collection, Logan, yet now he is dampened that he needs to take it out from the collection.

“Presently I gotta eliminate this adoration melody I had made for somebody who I thought cherished me. I’m reworking the tracklist Gang. It’s these kinda poisonous circumstances that influence my job.”

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