DJ Zinhle’s New Name

DJ Zinhle’s New Name

DJ Zinhle’s New Name 1DJ Zinhle has shared on her social media that she accidentally got given a new name. These past few days we got introduced to a whole new character called Snova who by the way also changed his entire image to fit the whole Amapinao scene. We can’t help but wonder if DJ Zinhle might take that same route.

DJ Zinhle has shared that at a recent gig they hilariously named her Kairo Jiyane instead of Zinhle Jiyane. The hilarious mix-up is not too surprising because Zinhle’s daughter’s name is Kairo Forbes.

DJ Zinhle’s New Name 2

The bond between DJ Zinhle and Kairo is very strong the two have even become business partners. They collaborated on a few campaigns on several occasions and share a bond like no other.

Which kind of takes us back to the sweet message she shared to her baby girl when she reached her very first milestone.

“Doing my best not to cry the whole time. My little girl is 1 today. God is so amazing. Don’t know where to start… Where did the time go? My baby girl, my sweet love, my gift from God… Mama is so proud of you. You saved my life, gave me a reason to live, to face another day, and believe in love. I love you You have taught me so much and looking at you reminds me of how blessed I am. God bless you, my love. You are mama’s hero!” she wrote.

With the addition of Asante into their lives, Kairo was left a bit neglected but Zinhle, being the best mom she is, managed to make sure she does not feel that way at all.