DJ Zinhle get new appliances for her home

DJ Zinhle get new appliances for her home

It looks as if DJ Zinhle has completed building her second house and is now left with adding finishing touches, such as kitchen appliances, to turn it into a home.

Zinhle is all about interior decorating and even has her own home design brand, Jiyane Atelier.

But Zinhle was surprised by the price of kitchen items.

She jokingly tweeted: “I need kitchen appliances for my new house. They are so expensive. I’m taking donations,” she tweeted, cheekily.

And, oh boy, did fans come through for the DJ.

Social media was soon flooded with hilarious messages from users sharing what they thought she “needed” for her kitchen.

From “famous” spoons to kettles with SMEG written on them in koki, the reactions were lit!

Cava about of our favs: