DJ Zinhle and rumored partner, MurdahBongz from the popular afro-house duo Black Motion

DJ Zinhle and rumored partner, MurdahBongz from the popular afro-house duo Black Motion

DJ Zinhle and rumored partner, MurdahBongz from the popular afro-house duo Black Motion 1

DJ Zinhle and reputed accomplice, MurdahBongz from the mainstream afro-house team Black Motion, are unmistakably going solid with the “riddle man” presently getting picture credits on her post.

The romantic tale between DJ Zinhle has been a state of interest for some since the recommendations of their relationship began sprouting since famous tattle analyst; Owmie Hlongwane broke the story on her direct back in July of this current year. DJ Zinhle had posted an interesting Instagram that let the truth out.

In any case, their supposed relationship was met with an obstacle when proposals that his ex, Thuli Phongolo was in her emotions about the “Umlilo” hitmaker taking her man. Neither one of the ones associated with the alleged trap has affirmed the gossipy tidbits, however what is clear is that DJ Zinhle and MurdahBongz are glad in adoration.

As of late, Pearl Thusi and Moozlie were on a companionship date as they went to Boity’s Pink Sapphire superstar dispatch together. The pair are generally a trio with the last amigo in the gathering being DJ Zinhle. However, the DJ was no place to be seen and in the event that you follow her accounts the explanation began being obvious.

It appears to be the two are as of now going through the end of the week together. To begin with, it was DJ Zinhle taking to her accounts and imparting pictures of herself in bed to the engraving MB. At that point she followed the story with exhibiting how she went through the day supporting long-term companion during the dispatch of their most recent endeavor, yet all through her accounts she continued demonstrating subtleties of a man wearing dark gasp, a white shirt, and a denim coat.

With bits of gossip about their romantic tale, online media clients should have simply visited MurdahBongz’ Instagram page and think about what the man was wearing around the same time. Also, his post includes the maker and DJ roosted on a seat that appears as though one of Jiyane Atelier seats. So except if MurdahBongz is just supporting neighborhood marks, the inquiry is the place was his image taken?

In any case, DJ Zinhle, who has recently made it unmistakably that she becomes hopelessly enamored head initially made it simpler to assemble the pieces. The DJ took to Instagram and shared a representation picture of herself and labeled the picture taker with a heart. Companion, Ms Comso proceeded to ask who the picture taker was, and MB was the appropriate response. Obviously, things are not kidding when “riddle man” proceeds onward to being an Instagram spouse, correct?

– ZAlebs