DJ Fresh’s ex Penny Lebyane tells all

DJ Fresh’s ex Penny Lebyane tells all

DJ Fresh’s ex Penny Lebyane tells all 1
Media personality Penny Lebyane said she felt unappreciated by people in the entertainment industry.

She claimed she helped a number of people in the industry yet they won’t acknowledge the impact she had in their lives.

She said instead they were waiting for her to die before they thank her.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, she wrote: “They won’t acknowledge me for what l’ve done for the industry but do everything and repeat everything I’ve said like it’s the freshest thing ever.

“They’re waiting for me to die so they can talk about my impact on them. Guess what? I am not and l know what l did for u and u.”

Her industry colleague, poet Lebo Mashile, agreed with her. She said generally artists are only appreciated once they’re dead.

“This is how this country does creatives. I have often felt the exact same way. It’s not you – it’s this toxic space,” she wrote.

A twitter user, Thami Mhlanga, advised Penny not to wait for others to acknowledge her contributions. Instead, she must tell her own history for future reference.

“Sis Penny, please align us with your history in the industry so we can get first-hand information from the human herself. Please,” said Thami.

“When you guys die, knowledge goes with you because, as you all know, we’re still reluctant to record our journeys. We are still anti-diaries.”

Another Twitter user, Goodwill Mbambo, acknowledged Penny: “There are some of us that know and appreciate what you’ve done for the industry. Some of us have been following you since you started on radio in the 90s.”

Khumbudzo Munyai also consoled Penny and wrote: “You don’t really need their acknowledgment, Penny. We know what you’ve done for the industry and don’t stop. Keep doing what you are doing.”

-Daily Sun