DJ Fresh fought off claims he was “celebrating more people dying

DJ Fresh fought off claims he was “celebrating more people dying

As the nation moved to level 3 of the across the nation lockdown on Monday, radio star DJ Fresh fended off cases he was “praising more individuals passing on” when he offered himself takeaways.

Under level 3 of the lockdown, stores are permitted to sell liquor for home utilization and drive-thru eateries can give pass through administrations.

All things considered, DJ Fresh doesn’t drink at home, so he chose to hit up a takeaway to “commend the New Yeah!” of level 3.

In any case, one adherent was not dazzled and asserted that Fresh ought not be celebrating while individuals are as yet passing on in a pandemic.

“In any case, the infection is still out there spreading and you considering it another year to commend all the more kicking the bucket individuals,” she said.

The 947 host from the start simply let it slide with a straightforward “alright”, however then came back with a legitimate clapback.

“I decide to celebrate and value whatever new freedoms we get, regardless of how steady – simply like you are practicing your entitlement to be a sharp p**s!” he stated, including that he wished she would do it on another person’s timeline.

What’s more, of course ‘tweeps’ had a serious field day.